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You can’t review cycling glasses without including Oakley – the company behind the revolutionary goggle-like Factory Pilots that burst on to the professional racing scene in 1984.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. Our test pair of EVZero Paths are an evolution of the rimless Zeros that were a huge hit in the early 1990s. Oakley has done a great job of increasing the field of vision by making the lenses a bit more wraparound while keeping the weight down to a measly 22g. The Plutonite lens is incredibly clear while the crazily-named Unobtainium coating at the ears and nose gets stickier as you get sweatier.Oakley Outlet. You can’t swap the lens, which is a shame, so make sure you choose a version that best suits your riding.


For wearables to succeed, many people believe technology should be inconspicuous, not popping out and making a fashion statement of its own. Google Glass may have gotten it wrong, and Oakley and Intel may have done it right with the new Radar Pace.Oakley Sunglasses Sale.At first glance, Oakley’s Radar Pace sunglasses look undeniably cool. But hidden inside is technology that turns the sunglasses into a voice-activated coach that answers questions and provides fitness training recommendations. It’s like having Siri in your sunglasses.


Many smart sunglasses for fitness are hitting the market. A notable competitor is Solos, which is a kind of Google Glass for athletes.Oakley Sunglasses. Solos has a tiny heads-up display that shows metrics like heart rate, pace, distance, and cadence so athletes can see data in real time. It was used by U.S. cyclists in the recent Rio Olympics.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.But unlike Google Glass and Solos, the Radar Pace doesn’t have a screen. A voice-activated system works better because information on a screen can be distracting when cycling or running, Oakley officials said.